OUR firm's long term experience have lead us through different fields of architectural and engineering services addressing both the private and public sectors. Since its inception D&H has been involved is some of the country's largest and most prestigious projects varying between residential , industrial, touristic , commercial and office buildings; as well as infrastructure and restoration projects. Thus, D&H stands today amongst the most prominent groups in the fields of DESIGN, MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION.

D&H is a consulting architecture and engineering firm that have established its position through allegiance to excellence, attention to detail, and an acute ear to client's requirements. We have developed a particular expertise in tackling all types of projects requiring the coordination and management of different experts and professionals. Thus by providing architectural and engineering consulting, Urban and Rural planning, and project management services, D&H have effectively undertaken projects from conception to completion. OUR primary objective is making sure OUR clients meet their needs and to provide technical management services that compete with the highest professional standards within budget and on time. D&H have carried out several architectural designs, construction supervisions, as well as various marketing and feasibility studies complying with international standards.

D&H's staff specializes in the following areas & services:
- Architecture and Planning
- Civil and Structural Engineering
- Landscape Architecture
- Project Coordination and Management
- Construction Supervision and Services
- Project feasibility Analysis
- Economic Impact Analysis
- Finance Analysis